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What's new in the world of Dawn of the Tyrant? What have we been up to all this time? Who ate all the pies? These are all very valid questions - and finally we've peeled ourselves away from our work and are here to answer them! Most importantly, we've been busy making some big improvements to the game. We hope you'll be as excited as we are, as we present our Top Ten...

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Monstrous beings
step from the Void

We've introduced some huge, monstrous creatures to the game, including the terrifyingly massive Nightmare, the skeletal, decaying Wight Wyrm and the festering, bloated Ghorghant. These intimidating foes burst from the Void to run amok on Vónekh VII, waiting to test your mettle whatever faction you represent. (And yes, it was the Ghorghant who ate all the pies.)


Classless character
advancement system

We've created the Paths system to allow players to build a character based on their own unique play style. Without being restricted to traditional RPG classes – like warriors and healers – you are free to develop the skills that you find most effective and satisfying, giving you ultimate control over your character's development and the power to express yourself.


A major game
engine upgrade

It certainly wasn’t the most fun job on this list, but we did a huge game engine upgrade to step up from Unity 4.x to 5.x (and now onto the Unity 2017 cycle). Going from 4 to 5 was a big change, with hundreds of code tweaks and changes to every single material in the game’s characters, environments and props. The result was worth it though, from the visual enhancements of Physically Based Rendering, to pure performance optimisation, and of course access to many new features and tools. It also allowed us to take advantage of some the latest Unity Asset Store products that we love – like Beautify and MegaSplat.


Stunning new environments
to explore

We've made major enhancements to the terrain, buildings and environmental effects in the game, and have expanded the game world to include a grisly new faction and fantastic new interactive objects. Plus, we’ve created tools that allow us to build vast and beautifully designed environments much faster. Chapter I will throw you deep into the demon-infested Coast of Thorns, facing down your enemies amidst the Garden of Teeth. But before long, you’ll be able to explore the icy reaches of Evermoon Crag, the cavernous depths of Starfall Chasm, the primeval forests of Duskwood Vale and far beyond.


Discover unique
achievements and rewards

We've added a fine array of unlockable Items and Achievement rewards to the game. Every victory pushes your faction closer to their ultimate goal, and your valour in the struggle will never go unnoticed. With more minor quests, community challenges, and achievements to unlock, everything you do counts. What's more, there are rewards for playing an active part not just in the game but in the community, and the Honour you gain can be used to unlock in-game items.


The game server rebuilt
from the ground up

We completely rebuilt our game server from the ground up on a whole new architecture. Again, it doesn’t make our fun-things-to-do-at-2am list, but player experience is really important to us. It’s one thing to talk about player-driven narrative, but having the technology backbone to deliver that is something else entirely. We hope that Dawn of the Tyrant will be big and now we have the capability to scale with our player base. What’s more, this work creates a unified architecture for our entire player ecosystem – game, website, wiki and other micro-services included. Yup, it sounds nerdy, but it means that we can do cool stuff much more easily, like showing real-time World Quest results on our website.


The sinister Mórin
join the fray

We've added an entire new faction to the game complete with a variety of new models and artwork. Meet the Mórin. Often considered by other races as an insidious death cult, they see themselves as the children of Móri, one of the eight Násr whose dominion is the cycle of death and rebirth. These dark cultists were once Rhïan, created to serve the Lánaraï but turned away from the light of Rhïarrh to follow their own path. The Mórin are a neutral faction in the game but will they prove to have common interests, or will they become a thorn in your side?


Craft thousands
of unique items

We've added a dynamic Crafting system that will allow you to create thousands of unique items, either by experimentation or by design – from sinister, bubbling potions to Hateforged Blades. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows items to be combined with endless variety and literally thousands of possible combinations. You might be the first to discover one, so it's always worth picking up any strange artefacts you find and trying out a little Crafting from time to time to assemble usable or tradeable goods.


Character animation
system overhaul

We overhauled all character animation from the legacy Unity system to the newer Mecanim feature set. After making the upgrade to Unity it was just a logical step that had to be taken, but we didn’t stop there. We also built our own Universal Animator and Universal Effects systems on top of Mecanim to allow every player and NPC in the game to use a common system. Getting nerdy again, but our player character models have about 150 possible animations, so having a smarter system to manage that complexity helps. It also means our scope for character visual and sound effects is much greater. This one actually was quite a lot of fun to play with!


Powerful Flight and
Void Form abilities

Finally, we've given each faction their major racial abilities. The Lánaraï Fly ability allows the lords of the sky to live up to their name and swoop into battle on mighty wings, or overcome terrain obstacles. Meanwhile the Kheïtanni have been given Void Form, enabling them to partially phase into the sinister depths of the Void to evade deadly attacks and even move through solid objects like walls. These new powers add great gameplay dynamics as well as bringing out the character of the different factions.

Join the Tyrant Legions

The Tyrant Legions is our new, Patreon-exclusive player community. Patrons can access a range of great rewards like the ones below. We have a range of tiers to give you different ways of getting involved in the project, plus we'll be announcing even more tiers with some super exclusive money-can’t-buy rewards soon.

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Get exclusive Patreon-first content
Unlock Alpha Battlegrounds access
Gain Chapter Passes for your loyalty

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