Dawn of the Tyrant

The Game

Dawn of the Tyrant is a socially-connected role playing game for PC and Mac that gives players unprecedented control over the unfolding storyline. Every battle fought and every decision made has an impact on the fate of your faction and brings it one step closer to ultimate victory – or utter annihilation. Explore a vast, richly-detailed world riven by war and uncover the secrets of its ancient past, then play your part in shaping its future as you rise to wage war against the Tyrant-God himself.

The game is currently in development. You can now join us on this epic journey through the Tyrant Legions, our Patreon-exclusive player community. There are great rewards for becoming a Patron, from early access to the game to a whole host of exclusive Patreon-first content.

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Screenshot Gallery

Game Features

Many paths lie before you

Explore a chapter-based game that gives the player community the power to write the storyline through the unique World Quests system. Champion the cause of your faction and rise to preeminence and glory upon their praise. Unravel dark mysteries and forge legendary weapons as you battle for ultimate victory.

On the grim world of Vónekh VII your enemies never rest and the promise of death lurks in every shadow. Your every choice makes a difference and your glory – or demise – is now in the hands of you and your allies.

World Quests

The future is
in your hands

Each chapter brings with it many opportunities for players to advance the cause of their faction by completing World Quests. These special, game-wide objectives deal with the main plot arcs of the game, and many players must work together to complete them.

There are multiple World Quests in each chapter, and they vary in scale as do the rewards. It might be the chance to gain additional resources, wield legendary technologies or even unleash ancient beings of unimaginable might upon your enemies. What’s more, dominating World Quests will give your faction the reins to the unfolding storyline and the power to shape Vónekh VII to your will.

It may take ten thousand soldiers to alter the course of fate, but only one to tip the scales.


Rise to
heroic status

Mighty accomplishments do not go unnoticed in Dawn of the Tyrant. By making a significant contribution to a current World Quest you can gain Honour. Your heroic deeds are posted to the in-game feed, allowing the community to Honour you for them. Far from being hollow tokens of praise, Honour Points can unlock upgrades to your character’s skills and abilities, making you even more formidable.

Honour gives the community the power to raise champions to heroic status, and you the player a chance to etch your name in history.

The deeds of the mighty shall be forged into legend. The meek are soon forgotten.


Reforge the power
of the ancients

Six thousand years have passed since the War In Heaven raged above Vónekh VII, and the shattered remains of otherworldly technologies still lie strewn across its scarred surface. What you salvage can be used to assemble thousands of unique items to aid you on your path.

An intuitive Crafting system allows you to experiment with a vast array of components. Improve your armour, augment your abilities, display your bloodthirstiness with a gruesome hand-made trophy, or advance the cause of your entire faction by reforging ancient weapons of unimaginable ferocity.

The power of the Aëdr shall rise again. The fire and fury of the stars shall be forged anew.


Shape your combat
style to your will

The Lánaraï and Kheïtanni might have vastly different methods but each of the playable factions is equally adept in the arts of combat and spellcraft – as they must be to endure being trapped together on the forsaken world of Vónekh VII. Against a backdrop of perpetual bloodshed, they have each mastered four main spheres of warfare, referred to as Paths in Dawn of the Tyrant.

It is your choice whether to commit wholly to just one of these proud warrior traditions, or blend them together to create your own unique fighting style.

Mighty warriors spend many years perfecting the skill of the blade. But to the greatest warriors, anything is a weapon.

Choose A Side

Reclaim ancient glory or unleash eternal vengeance

An ancient race has been sundered by a war long since passed. What was wrought in that great conflict still dominates their fates as these opposing factions continue to vie for dominance. It is an ongoing saga of hatred and betrayal. A kinship turned to ash, heralding a future drenched in blood.

Playable Race


Fight Alongside The Children Of Stars

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Playable Race


Seek The Vengeance Of The Fallen Ones

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The World

Discover the world of Vónekh VII

It is a world ravaged by war, strewn with forgotten relics and the promise of lost technologies. Explore its brutal environments and uncover its darkest secrets. Encounter mysterious beings, confront rival factions and drive back unspeakable horrors from the Void. Prepare to meet your enemies on the field of battle. Make Vónekh VII yours and influence its future as it teeters on the brink of annihilation.

Discover the game world

Join the Tyrant Legions

The Tyrant Legions is our new, Patreon-exclusive player community. Patrons can access a range of great rewards like the ones below. We have a range of tiers to give you different ways of getting involved in the project, plus we'll be announcing even more tiers with some super exclusive money-can’t-buy rewards soon.

Get exclusive Patreon-first content

Unlock Alpha Battlegrounds access

Gain Chapter Passes for your loyalty

Get exclusive Patreon-first content
Unlock Alpha Battlegrounds access
Gain Chapter Passes for your loyalty

Keep Discovering

Find more about the world of Dawn of the Tyrant

Introducing Prologues

Prologues offers players a unique way of getting involved and getting access to the early version of the game with Battlegrounds.

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Get Involved

Take your rightful place among the Tyrant Legions. Talk to the developer team and other Dawn of the Tyrant fans.

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For further information, media enquiries or just to say hello, send an email to [email protected]

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Image credits: Unending Hatred, Honour, The War in Heaven, Demonic Attack, The Blood Shrine, Lánaraï & Kheïtanni artwork by Tugsbayar Jamts; The Pillars of Heaven, Jehanaïkharóth, The Temple of the Moon & Evermoon Crag artwork by Eren Arik; Item & Ability icons by Andressa Comar Seixas.

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