Dawn of the Tyrant


Lords Of The Sky

Haughty, supremely arrogant and unfaltering in their loyalty to The Fire in Heaven, the Lánaraï seek to crush the last of the remaining rebellion once and for all. Frustrated by the primitive and simple world around them, they look forlornly towards the distant stars, clutching at the fragments of half-forgotten knowledge that once made them masters of that cold and distant domain.

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The military discipline and constant drilling of the Lánaraï gives them great Strength to rain deadly blows upon any who dare who oppose their righteous fury.


Ancient Lore
The Lánaraï are descended from an ancient race who once travelled at will among the stars. While much of their expansive former knowledge is lost to them, some still remains. Ancient Lore of the Aëdr is passed on to each of the Lánaraï from generation to generation as they vie to restore their former dominance of the physical universe. Lánaraï may double their Mind statistic and the speed at which they regain Mana for a short period.
Though the distant stars remain beyond their reach for now, the mighty Lánaraï are still the undisputed masters of the skies, and can Fly. Soaring upon powerful wings, they descend like a thunderbolt into the enemy lines – attacking with tremendous force. But when enemy ranks close and they are threatened with being overwhelmed, they rise to safer altitudes to rain down retribution from above.

“Ageless and ancient, I have existed since time immemorial. I have lived many lifetimes and dwelled in countless bodies. Born of the stars, I shall return to the stars. My mind has transcended life itself, and death shall not ever find me.”

– Heliorán Starstrider, Starseer

Behold The Children
Of Stars

The Lánaraï are a race of extreme contrasts, and it is perhaps they more than any other who epitomise the notion that there is truly no such thing as good – merely varying degrees of evil. A first glance at their shining, fluted armour, at their proud white wings, their rich adornments and featherlike decorations might lead the foolish to wonder at their iridescent beauty, their shining purity, their benevolent nobility. But that impression could not be further from the truth, for their souls are far more tarnished than their armour.

When Rhïarrh – alternately known as the Fire-In-Heaven or the Tyrant-God – raised his might against the dissident Aëdr, the Lánaraï marched to war behind Him. A war that they waged against their own. Their step never faltered, even as they razed planet after planet and butchered the countless billions who dared to oppose their uncompromising master.

There is some nobility to them though. Even after the end of a war that also marked the tragic end of their once great and galaxy-spanning race, they never strayed from their mission. Even after Rhïarrh was cast into the Void and they were left stranded on a remote planet with no hope of returning to their home among the stars, they remained loyal. Even as years became decades, decades became centuries and centuries became millennia, they never faltered. To this day they remain, intent on putting each and every one of their rebellious former kin to the executioner's sword. Only once their appointed task is done, when none remain to rally against the Fire-In-Heaven, they will fulfill their burning desire to acquire the ancient knowledge that is their birthright. Then, they will raise the shattered hulls of their great ships from the depths of the earth, and upon bright columns of fire they will put the hated world of Vónekh VII forever behind them.

A glimmer of this ancient technology already surrounds them. The iridescent colours of their armour boast of a strange and otherworldly material, much harder and tougher than any known earthly metal. Likewise, their weaponry hints at a strange and arcane technology.

This faded technology and many aspects of their angelic appearance hearken directly back to the days of their ancient forebears. Yet for all it appears to be, it is but a far cry from the ancient and powerful technology that the Aëdr once had at their disposal. Like the Lánaraï themselves, it is merely the palest shadow of a former glory that is long forgotten and perhaps also forever lost. But it is not in the nature of the Lánaraï to be forlorn or to mourn their loss, however profound. Nor will they allow their loss to become a weakness, or to compromise their purpose.

Brutal, unceasing and methodical, their blades rise and fall to the beat of a song that only they can hear. A grim rhythm that pulses from the depths of the Void. One look at their cold, emotionless and unflinching gaze is enough to tell anyone that loyalty and honour are distant worlds apart.

The Pillars Of Heaven

The tall mountain range of The Silver Spine winds through the vast land of Khaïrnóth, dividing north from south and providing a natural barrier from the rampaging and bellicose Kheïtanni. It ends in the south-west tip of the continent, where the tumultuous ocean crashes against towering peaks.

It is here, amidst the cloud-grazing peaks that the Lánaraï have made their home. A natural fortress, the mighty temple-city of Jehanaïkharóth (lit. "The Holy City") is perched upon the two imposing peaks known as The Pillars of Heaven. In times now long past, the dominion of the Lánaraï spread further afield, with watchtowers running the length of The Silver Spine and outposts as far north as Duskwood Vale. The long years of a war of attrition have made such expansive holdings an unwarranted luxury and over time, their forces have pulled back to Jehanaïkharóth. It is here where they closed their doors to the rest of the world, turning their back upon their creations – both their Rhïan children and their bastard cousins, the Vaïar.

In the tallest towers of this great city, the most powerful of the Lánaraï Starseers now work tirelessly, weaving complex spells and reconstructing ancient and arcane technologies in the hope that their generation will finally be the one to regain enough of their former knowledge to leave the backwater planet of Vónekh VII behind forever.

The Pillars of Heaven are a monument to the self-absorbed grandeur and limitless vanity of the Lánaraï. The looming angelic statues that dominate the city skyline are gargantuan in size and impossible in scope, but nothing is beyond these, the children of the stars. There are no heights, nor reaches that are beyond their grasp. For they glare in longing at even the cold and distant stars. To them, the vast gulfs of space are but a temporary hindrance and a challenge to be overcome.

They know that one day the stars will be theirs once more.


Lánaraï Race Theme from the Dawn of the Tyrant game soundtrack. Composed by Addison Yarborough.

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