Dawn of the Tyrant


The Fallen Ones

Their once noble souls blackened by years of hatred and spite at their betrayal at the hands of the followers of the Tyrant-God, the Kheïtanni sequester themselves high in the tall mountains of the north, endlessly weaving cruel and intricate plots to exact their revenge against their former kin.

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When the Kheïtanni fell, their bodies were burned and their wings shattered. This near-death experience left them hardened and with far greater Toughness than their former selves. The wounds and scars of battle mean little to them now, and they merely shrug off all but the most telling of blows.


The malign and twisted nature of the Kheïtanni is such that they would rather inflict pain upon themselves than lose the opportunity to unleash destruction upon their hated enemies. Kheïtanni have the Soulburn ability, which allows them to sacrifice part of their life force in order to fuel their spells and abilities.
Void Form
Kheïtanni can shift into Void Form – a sinister ability caused by the near death experience of their tragic fall. By walking the paths between the physical and spirit realm – and between the living and dead – they can do things no mortal being can do. They appear and attack without warning, they pass through walls like ghosts, and their enemies' blades miss flesh and slice through trails of black smoke instead.

"They must not merely fear us and think us to be savages who murder without purpose. They must know why their lives are forfeit and why I shall be their executioner. For I am of the Kheïtanni. The fallen. The reborn. The eternal. And I will have my vengeance!"

– Kahil, The Black Hand of Nekhára

Broken To Ashes,
Reborn Of Fire

The Kheïtanni burn with the grim darkness of a race who have built their entire existence around vengeance – yet also with the bitter nobility of a people who have lost everything they ever held dear. These two vastly different aspects of their character conflict in the hearts of every Kheïtanni warrior. They are driven by the burning need to see ultimate justice done, but will go to such lengths to see their will done that they will spare nothing to meet their ends, not even their own souls.

Their hated kin, the Lánaraï dote upon their connection to their Aëdr forebears and their raiment reveals much of their yearning to regain what greatness they have lost in the many years after the war. The Kheïtanni have no such connection. Despite having suffered such a great loss, there is nothing about them that reminisces or looks back on what they once were. Their eyes are fixed firmly forward, into the future, towards a time when their vengeance is finally sated and not a single Lánaraï remains alive to stain their honour.

There is no mistaking the Kheïtanni, however. Their imposing figures are grotesquely framed by horrifically burned and broken wings – cruelly ruined in their tragic fall. The tremendous heat of atmospheric re-entry and the crushing forces of their being cast down upon the lifeless world of Vónekh VII left almost nothing intact. Now only blackened bones remain in place of once beautiful, white feathers and arched wings.

What remains of their wings is now used as a grisly trophy rack. The severed heads of their most prized kills are displayed proudly, impaled upon their shattered wing bones. Many Kheïtanni warriors create sinister tribal fetishes made from feathers taken from slain foes, as well as other more gruesome body parts. These are used as symbols to mark the prowess of the warrior, each one indicating the number of hated Lánaraï who have fallen to their blades.

Evermoon Crag

Situated in the far north-west of the continent of Khaïrnóth, Evermoon Crag is a cold place where freezing winter storms blow across the northern ocean from the distant and frozen wastelands beyond. Summers are fleeting and fragile things that flitter by as no more than a memory before the chill of winter returns with a grim vengeance.

Even without the malign presence of the Kheïtanni, the lands of Evermoon Crag are a shadowy and forbidding place, where tall, dark pine forests grow on the precipitous and knifelike peaks. Beneath the bowers of these ancient trees lies a shadowy world that seldom sees the rays of the sun. It is a place where nameless and terrible beasts dwell and lesser creatures fear to tread.

High amidst these cold mountains lies the bleak fortress city of Kheïtan, the stronghold and centre of power of the dark and hateful Kheïtanni. It is a city built with singular purpose – one that is reflected in the hearts, minds and twisted souls of every living Kheïtanni. Both more and less than a city, Kheïtan is a vast military fortification and encampment that exists solely for the genocidal purpose of putting every remaining Lánaraï on the planet of Vónekh VII to death.

The ingeniousness of the location of this dark city is its ability to render the greatest advantage their hated kin hold over them utterly irrelevant. For even the most stalwart of Lánaraï warriors would struggle to remain aloft in the cold and screaming winds that howl through the jagged and frost bitten peaks. Notwithstanding its natural defences, the prospect of laying siege to Kheïtan is still a grim one. Attacking it would not only be hugely expensive and reap a great toll in flesh and blood, but it would also be a largely pointless endeavour.


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