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Dawn of the Tyrant is an indie game development project led by creator, Sándor Moldán and supported by a number of talented creators across the globe. The project is significantly advanced with a fully-functional alpha version and a collection of fantastic characters and artwork.

You can now join us on this epic journey through the Tyrant Legions, our Patreon-exclusive player community. Plus there are great rewards for becoming a Patron, from early access to the game to a whole host of exclusive Patreon-first content including game feature overviews, lore and story content, Battleground previews and more.

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Our Development Progress

Project Status

Starting the first Battleground in the game Alpha soon!

What’s Happening Now

There’s usually at least one of us working on something at any given time – below you can see what's happening right now.

Sándor is now working on writing smart Battleground AI.

Anj is now working on Battlegrounds missions!

Ryerson is now working on composing music for our first Battleground.

Joshua is now working on creating sound FX for Battleground events.

Claire is now working on map styles.

Jack is now working on writing articles for our new blog.

Art Showcase

3D Models • Lán-Faën Horrors

As Void Storms devastate the lands, the demonic ranks of the Lán-Faën swell with the tortured and sleepless dead – forced into eternal servitude by the blind and unstoppable force of the Void. Slow and unrelenting, these Horrors shamble unerringly forth to topple the realms of mortal kind and share their doomed existence with all who fall before them. Their broken and distended bodies writhe with a seething mass of tentacles that spill grotesquely from their mouths and gaping wounds.

These 3D game models were one the first Lán-Faën characters created for Dawn of the Tyrant and are one of the most common foes encountered.

Concept Art: Tugsbayar Jamts • 3D Model: Ketan Patil • Creative Direction: Sándor Moldán

Our Work So Far

We’ve already come a long way and accomplished a vast amount. Below is a comprehensive summary of the content and functionality that we’ve completed to date.

Complete Assets & Content

  • 19
  • 302
  • 818


  • Lánaraï – male and female (playable humanoid)
  • Kheïtanni – male and female (playable humanoid)
  • Mórin – male and female (humanoid NPC)
  • Lulukhaï – 2 skins (undead humanoid NPC)
  • Void Leech (demonic NPC)
  • Horror – 3 skins (demonic NPC)
  • Bloodspawn (demonic NPC)
  • Nightmare (monstrous demonic NPC)
  • Ghorghant (monstrous demonic NPC)
  • Wight Wyrm (monstrous undead NPC)
  • Shardling (creature NPC)
  • Lánaraï War Lion – male and female (creature NPC)

Complete Features & Systems

Core Game Systems

  • In-game user interface, settings and menus
  • In-game camera system
  • Player movement including walking, running and swimming
  • Flight movement for Lánaraï players and NPCs
  • Void Form movement for Kheïtanni players and NPCs
  • In-game object selection and interaction
  • Player combat system with mêlée and shooting
  • Examinable objects and points of interest


  • Mac OS X and Windows PC build pipelines

Player & Character Systems

  • Online player account creation
  • Create and store multiple characters per account
  • Load and save characters and game state online
  • Character and region selection

Social Features

  • Chapter and World Quests server and client systems
  • Current Chapter and World Quest State can be shown in-game and on the website
  • In-game social feed
  • Honour server and client systems
  • Achievements server and client systems

Level & Environment Systems

  • Cluster Brush: Custom brush-based environment creation tool
  • Stryder: Custom tileable-based environment creation tool
  • Terrain particle FX system
  • Terrain sound FX system
  • The Void FX system
  • Sky and lighting management system
  • Triggerable in-game events
  • Game state manager
  • Custom scriptable events

Advancement & Paths

  • Player and NPC levels and statistics
  • Classless path-based character advancement and specialisation system
  • Paths can be advanced though NPC trainers


  • Drag and drop inventory and equipment system
  • Equippable weapons, armour, amulets and trophies
  • Multiple item types including weapons, armour, quest items, crafting reagents and more
  • Hundreds of items with various stat bonuses and effects
  • Drag and drop crafting system with hundreds of possible items to create
  • Items can be purchased from NPC vendors
  • Items can be obtained from collectable resources, pick-ups and lootable NPCs


  • Abilities can be used, including traits, spells and object-bound spells
  • Abilities can be acquired from NPC trainers
  • Area of effect abilities including damage, healing and stat effects
  • Time-based ability effects including damage, healing and stat effects
  • Custom scriptable abilities


  • Quests system including objectives, rewards and multi-phased quests
  • Quests can be obtained though NPC quest-givers
  • Quest waypoints and battlefield objectives


  • NPC spawners and randomised NPC encounters
  • SanAI: Custom AI system for NPCs and tagging system for object recognition
  • NPC items and equipment
  • NPC attack patterns, spells and abilities
  • Persona-based NPC dialogue system
  • NPC combat system with mêlée and shooting
  • Some NPCs can be interrogated
  • Some NPCs can be taken captive or freed
  • Some NPC corpses can be possessed by demons
  • Universal Animator: Custom Mecanim player and NPC animation system
  • Universal Effects: Custom event-based player and NPC FX system

Music & Sound

  • Dynamic region and event-based music system
  • Environmental, event and character sound FX
  • Player and character voices

Join the Tyrant Legions

The Tyrant Legions is our new, Patreon-exclusive player community. Patrons can access a range of great rewards like the ones below. We have a range of tiers to give you different ways of getting involved in the project, plus we'll be announcing even more tiers with some super exclusive money-can’t-buy rewards soon.

Get exclusive Patreon-first content

Unlock Alpha Battlegrounds access

Gain Chapter Passes for your loyalty

Get exclusive Patreon-first content
Unlock Alpha Battlegrounds access
Gain Chapter Passes for your loyalty

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Dawn of the Tyrant is a social RPG that puts the story firmly into hands of players. Learn how you can take part.

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For further information, media enquiries or just to say hello, send an email to [email protected]

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Image credits: Unending Hatred, Honour, The War in Heaven, Demonic Attack, The Blood Shrine, Lánaraï & Kheïtanni artwork by Tugsbayar Jamts; The Pillars of Heaven, Jehanaïkharóth, The Temple of the Moon & Evermoon Crag artwork by Eren Arik; Item & Ability icons by Andressa Comar Seixas.

Thank you to everyone whose hard work has helped make this project possible.

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