Dawn of the Tyrant


A classless system for character specialisation

Paths in Dawn of the Tyrant work somewhat differently to conventional character classes in other games. You do not need to lock down your play style and choose a Path when initially creating your character, instead your decisions throughout the game and the skills that you choose to refine and improve will define your character's strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.

Each playable race has a number of Paths available to it and players are free to unlock and upgrade Aspects from any Path. This gives ultimate flexibility to either dabble in many Paths or become the master of one – it's entirely up to you, the player.

Paths have a degree of individuality and a unique context within the game's lore, but follow a similar pattern from race to race, and the archetypes of some Paths will be familiar to players of other RPG games. Read on for a full breakdown of the Paths available to both the Kheïtanni and the Lánaraï factions.

The Path Of

Gathering Maw

Heavy Combat Specialist

The Path of the Gathering Maw honours Rhïarrh in His aspect of Rhïnë, the great and terrible Leviathan who drifts inexorably through the depths of the Void devouring entire worlds. Wielding mighty two-handed weapons with deadly ferocity, followers of this Path dismantle and dismember whatever stands in their way. Relentless and unstoppable, they weave sweeping arcs of death all about them, devastating whole ranks of enemy troops with every pulverising blow.

Ward Bonus
Toughness Bonus
Strength Bonus

Create Your Perfect Warrior

Choose to follow one Path or many. It's your call.

Each Path is not just a set of talents but has a unique culture attached to it and is a part of the rich fabric of customs and beliefs held by the two playable races. The Lánaraï, whose loyalty is to the Fire in Heaven, honour the various aspects of Rhïarrh with their Paths. The Kheïtanni dedicate theirs to each of the Násr they worship.

With each Path comes a particular set of skills, known as Aspects of that Path, and you can blend any of your race's four available Paths to create your very own ideal skill set. Become a mighty warrior with a spell or two up your sleeve or master ranged combat with unequalled finesse; be fast without having to sacrifice toughness. The Paths system gives you freedom to combine talents as you see fit.

Explore the Paths of the main playable races right now and start thinking about how you will make your Dawn of the Tyrant character your own.

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