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Progress Update

Our Top Ten

We've been busy making some big improvements to the game. We hope you'll be as excited as we are, as we present our Top Ten.

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New Feature

Introducing Paths

Paths have the power and flexibility to give you a wealth of choice over your play style in a way classes simply can’t match.

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History is cast in stone.
But the future shall be written in blood.

From the ashes of a war that has raged for millennia, the Tyrant-God rises once more. It is foretold that His coming will herald the end of all things.

Dawn of the Tyrant is a revolutionary chapter-based RPG that places the fate of an entire planet and the course of the unfolding storyline firmly into the hands of the players.

Discover a dark, chaotic world on the precipice of imminent destruction and take part in sculpting its fate in a game where the choices and actions of each and every player contribute to the outcome of this epic duel of wills.

When you and your faction participate in World Quests, you are writing the future. The story of each chapter in the series will be curated based on the outcome of these massive shared objectives.

What you choose and what you do truly matters – it could be enough to alter the fate of a dying world. So rise to the challenge and fight, before the raging fire consumes us all.

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Meet Our Team

Dawn of the Tyrant is an in-production indie game created by a small but dedicated team, brought together by a shared vision: a social RPG where the actions and choices of the players are massively significant to the entire story.

To create this richly-detailed world with its own captivating history, diverse races, cultures and engaging storyline choices, we are working tirelessly. There’s usually at least one of us working on something at any given time – below you can see what's happening right now.

Sándor is now working on editing our upcoming Patreon launch video.

Anj is now working on Patreon-first content and rabble-rousing of potential players.

Ryerson is now working on composing music for our first Battleground.

Joshua is now working on creating sound FX for Battleground events.

Claire is now working on map styles.

Jack is now working on writing articles for our new blog.

Keep Discovering

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Discover The Game

Dawn of the Tyrant is a social RPG that puts the story firmly into hands of players. Learn how you can take part.

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Learn About Chapters

Dawn of the Tyrant will be released as a series of chapters. Find out how the story roars into action in Chapter I.

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Follow Our Progress

Keep track of the game’s ongoing progress, see what we’re working on right now and count down until launch day.

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Join The Community

Take your rightful place among the Tyrant Legions. Talk to the developer team and other Dawn of the Tyrant fans.

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Contact us

For further information, media enquiries or just to say hello, send an email to [email protected]

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Image credits: Unending Hatred, Honour, The War in Heaven, Demonic Attack, The Blood Shrine, Lánaraï & Kheïtanni artwork by Tugsbayar Jamts; The Pillars of Heaven, Jehanaïkharóth, The Temple of the Moon & Evermoon Crag artwork by Eren Arik; Item & Ability icons by Andressa Comar Seixas.

Thank you to everyone whose hard work has helped make this project possible.

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