In loving memory of

Anj Avraam

It is with tremendous sorrow that we must let our friends and followers know that our dear friend and creative partner Anj has passed away after a long battle with illness, and his recent and sudden pancreatic cancer diagnosis. We’ve been in shock since the hearing the news.

We are devastated to lose both the wonderful, caring friend and the supremely talented creative mind that we both knew, and were privileged to work alongside. It also truly saddens us that our community of gamers and other indie creators alike, have too suffered such a loss.

Anj still had so much to offer and it is a tragedy that has been taken from us. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and to every member of the community that his life, friendship and creativity have touched.

It is honestly too soon for us to say with any certainty what losing Anj will mean for the Dawn of the Tyrant game project. When the time feels right and appropriate, we will make an announcement to share our decision and plans for the future.

– Sándor and Josh