The Game

Shatter The Pillars Of Fate


Dawn Of The Tyrant is the debut title from the US/Australian team at Six Times Nothing and is currently in production for PC, Mac & Linux. We will soon be releasing the first iteration of the game, Chapter Zero, on Steam Early Access, with the hope of getting Greenlit with the support of the community in the near future. A full release in anticipated in late 2016.


You Shall Never Stand Alone

The Story

Upon The Precipice Of Destruction

Playable Races

Stand Your Ground And Fight

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Join The Tyrant Legions

Now On
Steam Greenlight

Follow the production of Dawn Of The Tyrant, now on Steam Greenlight Concepts. Plus get ready for Open Beta – available soon on Steam Early Access.

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Though the distant stars remain beyond their reach for now, the mighty Lánaraï are still the undisputed masters of the skies, and can Fly. Soaring upon powerful wings, they descend like a thunderbolt into the enemy lines – attacking with tremendous force. But when enemy ranks close and they are threatened with being overwhelmed, they rise to safer altitudes to rain down retribution from above.

The Lánaraï are descended from an ancient race who once travelled at will among the stars. While much of their expansive former knowledge is lost to them, some still remains. Ancient Lore of the Aëdr is passed on to each of the Lánaraï from generation to generation as they vie to restore their former dominance of the physical universe. Lánaraï may double their Mind statistic and the speed at which they regain Mana for a short period.

Kheïtanni can shift into Void Form – a sinister ability caused by the near death experience of their tragic fall. By walking the paths between the physical and spirit realm – and between the living and dead – they can do things no mortal being can do. They appear and attack without warning, they pass through walls like ghosts, and their enemies' blades miss flesh and slice through trails of black smoke instead.

The malign and twisted nature of the Kheïtanni is such that they would rather inflict pain upon themselves than lose the opportunity to unleash destruction upon their hated enemies. Kheïtanni have the Soulburn ability, which allows them to sacrifice part of their life force in order to fuel their spells and abilities.