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About The Game

Dawn of the Tyrant is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a shared, online setting. Enter a dark fantasy world, where you and your warband will be cast into an epic story alongside other players and their own warbands.

Explore a vast and sprawling campaign map – a world that connects every player to a grand narrative.
The companion app connects you to the game world, serving as your character sheet, dice roller and more.
Hundreds of quest and encounter templates allow GMs to tell unique stories in a shared setting.

The Tyrant-God Rises


From the ashes of a war that has raged for millennia, the Tyrant-God rises once more. It is foretold that His coming will herald the end of all things.

The remote, forbidding planet of Vónekh VII lies on the threshold between the material universe and the Void. Beneath its battle-scarred surface lie ancient secrets, lost technologies, and slumbering titans of unimaginable power. Upon its blood-soaked battlefields, the fate of both realms will be decided.


Unite against the darkness or fall


Dawn of the Tyrant is played in a shared world that connects every player, every warband and every GM into one truly epic narrative. Our world is a vast and sprawling campaign map that lives and breathes with each passing day, evolving as the bloodshed intensifies and each faction seeks to wrest power from the other.

Dominion Quests are special, game-wide objectives that deal with the main plot arcs of the game, and many warbands must work together to complete them.
Warband Co-Op Mode allows you and your warband to band together with other warbands to accomplish greater objectives and take on even tougher foes.
Warband vs. Warband (yes, tabletop PvP) is planned for a future version of the game.

Start a warband. Forge a legend.


Create a character
Fight beside the children of stars or seek the vengeance of the fallen ones.
Track your progress
A digital character sheet contains all your statistics and progress.
Forge a mighty warband
Play together – whether it's around a table in real life or connect online.
Explore the world
Travel across a stunning, living and breathing 3D campaign map.
Smart dice rolling
Digitally-authenticated dice roles that auto-calculate any modifiers on the fly.
Get the latest card decks
Draw from thousands of digital Encounters, Quests, NPCs and Loot cards.
Follow your story
See a digital record for every combat, encounter and roll.
Inventory & crafting
Collect powerful weapons and items, plus craft your own items to use or sell.
Learn spells and abilities
Train in devastating fighting techniques or unleash the arcane sciences of the Aëdr
Visit a marketplace
Buy, sell, trade and learn from NPC vendors in towns you visit.
Hunting and gathering
Hunt, forage and collect useful resources from the world around you.
Immersive audio experience
Dynamically generated music and sound effects reflect your journey.

The Hands That Shape The Shadows


Usually there’s only one GM to contend with. The shared world of Dawn of the Tyrant means there’s a entire coven of them.

As the GM, you’ll join a network of dark disciples, each wielding the dread power of the Tyrant-God. Together you’ll conspire to push the stricken planet of Vónekh VII ever closer to the edge of annihilation. Through twisted quests and dire encounters, you’ll challenge your warband to the edge of their limits. Each storyline you weave leads your players down a shadowy path, where a single misstep may have dire consequences.


Roll with honour


The brutal injustice of Dawn of the Tyrant is tempered only by the fairness of its dice rolls. The companion app seamlessly calculates modifiers and handles each roll. Digitally-trusted rolls are designed to ensure an equitable playing field for all. They mean that no matter if it’s a 1 for a perception check or the crit that slays a mighty foe, everyone in the shared world can be confident that’s exactly what happened.

Plus support for Pixels™ Bluetooth dice coming soon.

Journey Through The Gloom


For warbands, quests and encounters are the twisted roads that lead them through a perilous and unforgiving world. Each quest or encounter card is a template that gives GMs free rein to craft diabolical and unique gameplay experiences for their players. The sourcebook also offers 16 pre-made quests, each connected with a major part of the shared world narrative. Whichever shrouded path the GM chooses, the unpredictable outcomes can leave players forever changed by the horrors they face.

Get Alpha Access

The Dawn of the Tyrant Alpha is now playable ahead of the full release of the game. If you want early access, or just want to stay up to gate with the game's progress, there are a few ways to get involved.

Influencer Pack
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  • Free Hardcover Sourcebook (once available)
  • 4 free Alpha passes for your warband
  • 4 free Beta passes for your warband
No fixed agreement on influencer requirements. All we ask is that you are able to show that you are actively engaged as a content creator in one or more channels, and that you make a fair effort to share your experience of the game. Talk to us for more details. Sourcebook includes free shipping worldwide.
Alpha Tester Pack
  • Free game access forever
  • 4 free Alpha passes for your warband
Get early access to the Alpha version of the game for you and your group of tabletop gaming friends. Help us to playtest the game, share your experiences and feedback, and get rewarded with free access to the full release version of the game.
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  • What kind of game is it?

    Dawn Of The Tyrant is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game at its heart – even with its special companion app. Like many TTRPGs, it is designed for group of players with a Game Master (GM) who runs the game and takes control of NPCs (non-player characters). Gameplay is turn based, with action points and dice rolls, and with character sheets to record your stats and progress.

    What makes it different from traditional TTRPGs is the companion app – available at launch for iOS and Android. Most importantly, the app connects you and your warband with a shared world, where you can experience the world of Vónekh VII alongside other players and their warbands. The companion app also digitally enables your gameplay experience, taking care of dice rolls and character progress and providing a rich 3D campaign map to explore.

  • How many players is it designed for?

    As a Tabletop Role-Playing Game, 3 to 5 players is most ideal – with a Game Master (GM) and 2 to 4 players in the warband. While it is possible to player with just a GM and one player, you may find that your one-person-warband encounters challenges in the world that are too great to conquer. Larger warbands are also possible, though too many players starts to become a little unwieldy.

  • Is the game designed to be played in real life or remotely?

    Both! The companion app can equally be used to digital augment a game around an actual table, or to connect everyone in your warband and enable them to play remotely.

    When playing in the real world, you might want to set some friendly guidelines for using your devices in the right way at the table. While, if you and your warband choose to play remotely – you’ll find that running play sessions over video calls will give you the best game experience. If your warband plays remotely but asynchronously, just bear in mind that you may find times where you will need to wait for others to finish their turn.

  • Can I play the game solo?

    Currently, yes. Solo play is supported, though it is mainly there to ensure the game works smoothly before you join a warband (or if you are in between warbands too). Making solo play fantastic is not an area of high focus while there are more important features still to be added for warbands. At least for now, adventuring through the game world in solo mode is not recommended.

  • How many players or warbands can there be in the shared world?

    The vision is to be able to support a great gameplay experience for a few thousand players in a shared campaign map across multiple continents on a single server. There are still many steps to be taken and work to be done to get the server technology to a place where that works amazingly for every player. Right now, the capacity of the server is honestly a bit of an unknown!

  • What platforms are supported?

    The companion app will be available on both iOS and Android at launch, with versions optimised for phones. A tablet optimised version will be added soon after (yes, with a bigger map!), along with desktop app versions for PC and Mac.

  • Do I need an internet connection to play?

    Yes, your companion app will need to be connected to the internet in order for it to access the shared world.

  • Does everyone need their own device or account to play?

    Yes, you should play with your own device and account. For the purposes of Alpha testing only, we have allowed multiple player characters connected to the same account to be in the same warband. That will not be possible in the full version of the game.

    In future, we plan to add a tablet-optimised version of the game that will allow a group of players to play turn-by-turn on a single shared device, but each player will still need their own account to play.

  • Do I have to use the companion app?

    No, you don’t have to, but it’s best if you do! The rulebook contains a complete rules section that is designed to help you and your warband understand the companion app and the game’s mechanics. The rules can be used to run completely offline games for you and your group, however your actions won’t affect the shared world.

  • What playable races can I choose from?

    The Lánaraï or Kheïtanni, both mighty descendants of the Aëdr, will both be playable for launch. The pious Rhïan and fey Vaïar will coming in a later expansion that includes the southern continent of Vaëtar. And beyond that, well who knows?

  • What other features are planned?

    There’s lots to come and no shortage of ideas. Our biggest focus areas will be firstly. to expand the world, including the campaign map and available encounters and quests. Secondly, to add more playable races and NPCs. And thirdly to enhance the creative tools that helps GMs bring the world to life for the players in their warband.